We Work Hard and Play Hard

Omololu International School is home to facilities unmatched in Anguilla. Our playground facilities are exceptional and give all our students, both young and old, opportunities for engaging and creative games during both lunch recess and Physical Education classes. The facilities have been made safe with sand pits under all equipment and soft green grass to run through.

Additionally, our students have the unique opportunity to use our set of Imagination Playground Blocks, found no where else on the island. These large foam building blocks encourage creativity and spatial thinking and reasoning as the students envision themselves as the captain of a pirate ship, the driver of a race-car, or the engineer building a city.

Finally, our state of the art Multi-Sport Court is one of a kind, giving a full-size area for students to play basketball, football, and games of all kinds. Built on a custom surface, the court is constructed of custom tiles, providing a safe surface if a child should fall while ensuring the same quality of court for ballgames. The court is available for lease after hours so please inquire at the school for more information!