The dress code, as outlined in this policy, is the only acceptable form of attire for students. Staff will monitor students dress, and they will send students who are dressed inappropriately or are not in compliance with the school’s dress code policy to the management, who will deal with the situation on a case by case basis.

The following is a description of the clothing that students shall wear while attending school. When purchasing your child’s clothing for school, you are encouraged to purchase within the guidelines listed below. If you have questions about a certain style of clothing, you are encouraged to contact the office for clarification prior to the purchase of the clothing.

We currently offer two options for purchasing uniforms. Towards the end of the school year, a form is sent out to all families where they may order in advance for the coming school year. These items are ordered from off island and are then embroidered by Silk Screen Clothing in South Hill. You may also purchase your own items without the OIS log and bring them to Silk Screen for embroidery.

The second option is to order on your own through Lands’ End Clothing. They have our logo on file and know where to attach it on each item of clothing. This option is not done through the school, but on an individual basis. Lands’ End accepts orders all year. Please use the following link for this option: http://www.landsend.com/pp/SchoolSearch.html?action=landing&selectedSchoolNum=900165606

Students are expected to come to school each day in full Omololu International School uniform, the details of which are below. On occasions where full dress is not required, students are still expected to be attired in such a way as to positively reflect upon themselves and the school within the community.

Daily Attire: Shirt: Polo shirts: Anguilla national colors (white, light blue or orange) with the Omololu International School logo. Bottoms: Dark blue or navy pants/skirts/skorts. Skirts and/or skorts should be no shorter than two inches above the knee.

Shoes and Socks: Black, white, or dark blue shoes and socks must be worn every day. Shoes must be solid-color, closed-toed, and should be comfortable for the day. Socks must be single-colored (no pattern) and must be ankle-height or taller.

Jewelry/ Body Ornamentation: Students may not wear any jewelry aside from ear studs/ posts. No necklaces, bracelets, dangling earrings, or rings are permitted other than for a medical reason. No nail polish or make-up is permitted.

Physical Education Uniform

During physical education and/or athletics, students wear an orange P.E. school shirt with logo. Shorts must be navy blue. Students may wear white, black, or dark blue sneakers or trainers.

Field Trip Uniform

All students should wear their orange Omololu International School polo shirt and the rest of the standard uniform on all field trips unless otherwise notified by the teacher.

Dress Down Days and Birthdays

Occasionally, on Fridays, students will be given the option to have a Dress Down Day where they may pay a nominal fee in order to wear more casual, everyday-type clothes. During these days, please refrain from wearing any clothing that could be deemed as inappropriate. Please contact the principal or office administrator for a more detailed list of what is and is not permissible. On their birthday, a student may come to school as though it were a Dress Down Day.

Special Occasions

Dress code for special occasions such as holiday performances, graduation ceremonies, etc will be emailed to parents prior to the event.