The World is Our Classroom

Omololu is known for the bright orange shirts that the students wear and they are easily spotted from a distance. In fact, much of the learning that is done at OIS is outside the classroom. Therefore, as people drive around Anguilla, they can often see students engaged in a variety of outreach learning opportunities.

Partners in the community include the Anguilla National Trust, Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation, Anguilla Department of the Environment, Anguilla Department of Fisheries, and many, many more.

At OIS, we believe that authentic, experiential learning is key to making connections and for students to take ownership of their knowledge. To that end, in addition to regular trips with the above agencies and organizations, OIS engages in more adventurous trips as well. Trips to Saint Martin, the outlying cays around Anguilla, and even a walk through an estuary ecosystem are all experiences that our students will carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Here at OIS, we live and breathe our slogan, “The World is Our Classroom” and invite everyone to come and live it with us.