Technology at OIS

Since its creation in 2013, the Omololu International School has taken the use of technology in the classroom very seriously. It all started on Monday, November 11th 2013 which marked an exciting milestone for the school. Through a generous grant from Windsong International Foundation, each child was provided with a Learnpad and every classroom equipped with a Promethean Interactive White Board. Additionally, all teachers were provided with personal laptops to facilitate the advanced preparation of lessons. The equipment is secured by an extensive camera and alarm security system.

Both teachers and children welcomed and quickly embraced their new tools with its specially tailored educational software that has been developed for use in learning institutes. However, that was just the beginning. Since then, OIS has only increased the level of technology used in and out of the classroom.

The curiosity and natural brilliance of children shone from the moment they picked up their Learnpads and enthusiastically explored different tools and programs. The younger students engaged in exploring dynamic and multi-sensory content such as colour recognition, shapes and patterns, nursery rhymes and ‘read-to-me’ stories and animations. For the older students this touch sensitive device provides a gateway to a wealth of knowledge and resources in the various learning areas.

Through its secure interface, teachers determine the content on the Learnpads. Students can scan lessons with a QR Key on their device and access particular exercises, reading materials, games, websites pre-organised by the teacher and electronically submit their work.

Since that initial technology launch, OIS has secured additional LearnPad tablets as well individual lap tops computers for all Grade 6 students for them to use both at school and at home for the school year.

This school year, 2015-16, marks the first time that students will be taking a dedicated technology course where they spend time working on computer-based skills, learning the basics of keyboarding, how to use new programs, and the foundation of research skills will be vital in their continued education. This course is heavily integrated with the same topics students study during their regular core classes, serving to make connections between subjects and bring more meaning to what the students are learning.

Technology really is the key to the future at OIS and they would like to express its sincere thanks to Windsong International Foundation who invested considerable resources in this significant step as part of a the broader plan to implement innovative technology larger innovative technology in the Caribbean Classrooms