Lorraine Thompson

I am Lorraine Thompson, currently serving as Acting Principal and PYP Coordinator. I am from the island of Jamaica where I received most of my training, certification and professional experiences in education in both public and private schools.

I have been an Educator at OIS for the past 8 years, teaching various grade levels while leading and initiating numerous co-curricular programs to further enhance students’ holistic development. I have been the PYP Coordinator for 5 years, Deputy Principal for the past 3 years and most recently Acting Head of School. Prior to that time, I was Head Teacher at the Blossom Centre, an Educational Institution for children with special needs.  There I led a small team of teachers and specialist volunteers, worked with and counselled parents, designed daily programs to stimulate the students and implement programs to sensitize the community on special education needs.

Teaching has become a part of my life, having spent over 15 years in education I realize such passion coupled with my natural leadership abilities have shaped my path into administration.  I hold a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership and certifications in Special Education, Educational Psychology and Counseling along with numerous awards and recognition for my dedicated service in education and leadership initiatives. I enjoy the challenges of the field of education; working with other administrators, teachers, parents, and students, and the opportunities to make education happen for each student through effective leadership.

I am easy to talk to and I always try to find the  positive side of things. I am a spiritual person who is guided by the premise that we are all of one big human race enriched by each others uniqueness. I have been living in Anguilla for the past 11 years and most of those years were spent at OIS. I feel honored to be apart of the Omololu family and sharing a portion of this 35 square miles piece of rock.