Ms. Keneeja Thomas

Born on the island of St.Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands, Ms. Keneeja Thomas has since been privileged to call Anguilla her home.

Ms. Thomas is 5 years a native of the Omololu International School, having been welcomed into the Omololu family in early 2017 as the Teacher’s Assistant for Kindergarten and Pre-K. The proceeding years would see her serve in the positions of Pre-K teacher, Kindergarten and Pre-K Art teacher, and Teacher’s Assistant for Grades K and 3. Presently, Ms. Thomas enjoys fulfilling dual roles of Music Education and Interim Art & Design Teacher, where she shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for these personal passions with Grades K up to Year 8.

During the years 2013 to 2016, Ms. Thomas pursued the opportunity to polish her visual art skills through an apprenticeship at the Ani Art Academies, Anguilla under the tutorship of Mr. Timothy Jahn. In her leisure time, Ms. Thomas is a professional singer, boasting more than 7 years of musical artistry under her belt.

Be it for the love of Art or Music, Ms. Thomas is always ready and willing to take the deep dive with her students into the depths of their creative expression. She expects nothing but greatness from a school bursting at the seams with innovativeness and creativity!