Gudis Hodge

Gudis Hodge was born and raised on the island of Anguilla. Following her graduation from sixth form she continued her studies in Canada at the University of Toronto completing her Bachelors Degree with Honours in Biology and Chemistry. She also acquired her Masters in Public Health from the University of Liverpool.

With the love she has for her island, she returned following the completion of her studies to further transfer this love of science to the younger generation. She was employed at the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School for 6 years as a Graduate Teacher, teaching the Science subjects of Chemistry, Human and Social Biology and Integrated Science, to students ranging from Form 1 to 6. During this time she took on the challenge of tutoring students in Mathematics as she wanted them to have an appreciation for the subject and learn to connect it to everyday situations. It was through these experiences where she was thrilled to observe her students’ successes and gave her a gratifying feeling that choosing to be a teacher was not in vain .

With her continuous love for education Ms Hodge joined the OIS team 3 years ago and holds the post of Middle School Mathematics and Science Teacher. She is happy to be part of the Omololu team where we encourage our students to see the world as their classroom.