GrahamRacquel Graham
Position: PYP Coordinator & Teacher of Grade 5 & 6

Ms. Graham was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Her love of teaching led her to obtain her Diploma at the Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in the area of Special Education. She believes that every child can learn despite physical and mental disabilities, handicaps, environment and circumstances.  Her love of nature and the arts is deeply engrained in her approach to teaching. She employs a holistic approach in her methodologies and endeavours to have each child reach for their individual summits. Ms. Graham is also the Primary Years Program coordinator (PYP) and embraces her dual role as coordinator and classroom teacher with equal enthusiasm.

ThompsonLorraine Thompson
Position: Teacher of Grades 3 & 4

Lorraine Thompson joined the Omololu Team in September 2013. Having atttained an Honorary Diploma in Special Education at the Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College in Jamaica where she also completed all required theoretical credits for her Bachelors of Science Degree in Education, Mrs. Thompson is pursuing a Master’s of Science Degree in Education Leadership at the Leicester University. She holds numerous certificates in Counseling, Education Psychology, teaching and management of Exceptional learners.  She is the recipient of numerous awards inclusive of Competence in the practice of Education, Teaching in special Education (Jamaica), and Dedication to Special Education in Anguilla (Department of Education) alongside others.  Mrs. Thompson volunteers two afternoons weekly at the Blossom Centre for severe to profoundly challenged learners where she previously worked. She is a member of the Anguilla Parent Support Group for physically challenged children.

1625727_10100959816227462_1424952363_nKourtney Smith
Position: Teacher of Grades 1 & 2

Kourtney Smith is from Kings Park, New York. She has worked with 1st, 2nd and 6th graders of varying abilities, levels, learning styles, cultures and languages. She aspires to create a meaningful and exciting experience for students by challenging them to think beyond the norm and work with passion. She looks to drive her students intrinsically, by teaching them what it means to be an individual with the power to decide their destiny.  More importantly, she would like to the spread awareness that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. As an educator, she embraces the opportunity to serve as an advocate for her students, reaching out to faculty members, administration, parents, and the community.

Chhatlani2Maya Chhatlani
Position: Teacher of Grades pre-k and kindergarten

Maya U. Chhatlani, as well known as Tr. Maya amongst students, was born on 26th of July 1979 in India as Miss Maya R. Bhagchandani.
From early childhood until now, her different hobbies have helped her to achieve medals and certificates in different areas like Indian dance, arts and craft and in sports like badminton, skating, and swimming.
An interest towards airplanes forced her to join The Air Wing National Cadet Corps for three years while she was studying her Bachelor of Arts. During this time, she was selected and awarded the best cadet and she received a gold medal in this field.
Ms Chhatlani’s passion, love for children and dream to be a teacher guided her to join the profession of teaching at a very young age, just after her graduation. She received best teacher award in the fifth year of teaching while pursuing her Masters Degree.
Moving to Anguilla has given Ms Chhatlani a great opportunity to work with Omololu International School. She is not only excited but she is feeling as fresh as she started her first year of teaching, hoping and aiming for a bright future for her students.

WelcomeNatasha Welcome
Position: Pre-School Teacher

Mrs. Natasha Welcome joined the then TGOI as a substitute of the Grade 4 class and was instrumental in reviving the play school programme. Mrs. Welcome received training from the Government of Anguilla in collaboration with SUNY Cobleskill New York and a certificate in Montessori Training. She is presently pursuing a B.Ed. in Literacy Studies at the University of the West Indies and looks forward to being a Reading Specialist. Her love and respect for various languages and cultures fuels the Omololu concept of racial and cultural integration. Mrs. Welcome has been elected as the Vice president of Early Childhood Association in Anguilla, and has been serving in that capacity for the past two years.  She also represents the Early Childhood Association on the executive board of the Anguilla Teachers Union.

elsonElson E. Richardson
Position: Music Teacher

Mr. Elson E Richardson joined the OIS team in 2013 replacing the previous music teacher. His hard work and dedication enabled him to obtain 9 CXC and 1 O level passes throughout his secondary education term. He has also excelled in the musical department by reaching passes in both practical and theoretical examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). In addition to this, Mr. Richardson possesses experience in the teaching sector by being an occasional Classroom/Music teacher in the Primary School sector for 3 years and Piano tutor at Morlens School of Music for the last 5 years. He is extremely polite, enjoyable to work with and a dedicated teacher that strives to bring out the best in his students. He is also a well established musician, arranger and composer with over 14 years of experience. He has performed for and with numerous local, regional and international artists and have recently produced and arranged a studio album. He is the Musical Director of the regional reggae group Gershwin Lake & Parables, to which he has been able to tour and perform in many countries around the world. Currently Mr. Richardson is preparing to complete the final grade of the ABRSM practical examinations.

Samantha Alfred – Derrick
Position: Office Administrator

Samantha Alfred-Derrick joined the Omololu team in 2013 as a Volunteer and has now officially Joined OIS in 2014 as the Office Administrator. Mrs. Alfred-Derrick has had extensive experience in organisational support, project management, human resources, personnel supervision and office management in various service settings. In her leisure time, Mrs. Alfred-Derrick also assists the youth and other individuals in the community through mentorship, counseling and motivational speaking,  her passion. Samantha’s  solid attributes facilitate her exceptional ability to establish an excellent rapport with students, parents, teachers, Omololu partners and the Anguillian/International Community.  Mrs. Alfred-Derrick is passionate about education and personal development and welcomes the position in this vibrant school setting.