School Organizational Structure

Governance by Board of Directors
The Omololu International School, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors drawn from the ranks of leaders in civil society. The Directors’ capacity to chart a course for the school’s future is exemplified by the roles they have in the different fields.

Board members have a legal/fiduciary role and have the following tasks:

–      in charge of  furthering the school’s mission and ensuring the school’s success.

–      involved in long range issues (NOT the day-to-day operations) and overseeing the school, keeping in mind the “big picture”.

–      financial planning and budgeting.

 Management and Pedagogical Leadership Team
The core Pedagogical Leadership Team consists of the Principal and the P.Y.P. Coordinator. Together they plan the implementation process and share tasks and responsibilities with the staff. The team is further supported by the Office Administrator and representative from the teaching staff.

The staff consists of IB trained classroom teachers and specialist teachers.

All staff members are trained for their specific position, and through continuous professional development, they keep up-to-date with current best practices and technological innovations in education.

The school believes that open communication and interaction between all stakeholders is the guaranteed key to success and will assist the school significantly in promoting quality private education in Anguilla.

Organization of Classes
Omololu International School is proud to have a trained and certified teacher in every classroom.  Students in the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes will be combined in one classroom, but all other grades will have their own dedicated classroom teacher.  Some specialist classes (Art, Music, Foreign Language, PE, Technology) may have combined grade levels due to small class size.