Pricinpal’s Welcome

Robert Beach, Principal

Principal’s Welcome

I want to personally welcome you to the Omololu International School. Over the next few pages on our web site you will have an opportunity to see many of the unique aspects of our school. The past several years have been a time of growth with both the schools enrollment and grade level offerings. OIS currently offers instruction starting with Pre Kindergarten (age 3.5) through grade 8 (Form 2). We pride ourselves on embracing the IB-PYP or Primary Years Program. The authorization process to receive the distinction of IB-PYP is very rigorous and we take this commitment very seriously.

The strength of our school really centers on creating a family friendly environment where students are being taught in safe and nurturing classrooms. The parent, student and teacher communication triad is very important as the education of our students requires consistent and timely communication between all those involved. While I have an open door policy for parents and students the first lines of communication should always be between the teacher and student and the teacher and parent. Creating and maintaining successful and safe learning environment truly is a team effort.

All of our classrooms have access to high speed internet and we use a variety of the latest technology resources to enhance the learning environment. One of the significant changes in our classrooms this year has been the addition of air-conditioning. The final phase our school wide air-conditioning initiative will be completed in February. We believe that this will have a large impact on the students ability to remain focused even in the warmest weather and this will translate into increased learning.

As you make your decision on where to continue your child’s education I encourage you to come and visit the school, meet with me and the highly trained educators that will be working with your child. Step inside our classrooms and see first hand the outstanding educational experience you and your child can expect at the Omololu International School.

If you would like additional information please email: [email protected] or call: (264) 235-5430.

Interesting facts:

  • 71% of our students are native Anguilian’s
  • Over 28 countries are represented between students and teachers
  • All of our teachers have more than 5 years of teaching experience
  • 50% of our teachers have Master’s Degrees

Looking forward to an amazing year!

Robert Beach, Principal