Parent-Teacher Association

The aim of the Parent/ Teacher Association (PTA) is to promote a strong school community and provide opportunities for members of Omololu International School to contribute to the life of the school. The PTA provides a forum for communication, and is an organisation for providing volunteer services and help for families to integrate into the school community. The PTA coordinates social events, fundraisers and activities throughout the year. All parents and teachers are automatically members of the PTA.

From its inception in 1994, Omololu has always been known as a school that was and is strongly supported by parents and the community. Through assisting teachers in the classroom, going on field trips, or planning events to generate income for the school, the OIS PTA has a vested interest in the well-being and performance of children. We can proudly say that our parents are always at the forefront to show their dedication towards the school and the children. This year, the OIS PTA will be collecting annual dues in order to provide start-up funds for the organization. Each OIS family is asked to contribute $20USD for each child they have enrolled. All OIS staff members will also be asked to contribute $20. These funds will go towards PTA projects at the beginning of the year, enabling them to have bigger and better events as the year progresses.

Omololu’s Parent/ Teacher Association would like to:

  • Provide a structured forum for communication between administration, faculty and parents
  • Assist teachers and students in the classroom and beyond by e.g. joining classes on field trips, help out in the school’s resource center, support the teachers during lunch breaks.
  • Help integrate new families into Omololu International School
  • Support special programs and activities, academically, culturally, socially and financially, which strengthen the Omololu community. Examples are the co-organization of fundraising activities, social events for children and their families, supporting local and global awareness community programs and contributions to the scholarship fund.

The PTA wishes to provide good support and encourage your ideas, support and feedback. You are kindly asked to join us for the regular PTA Meetings, which are open to all parents, for the opportunity of direct communication between the entire PTA, the teacher representatives and the school administration.