Our Team


Robert Beach - Head of School

I have been working in education for almost 30 years at all levels from Preschool through the University level as a teacher and as an administrator. For the past three years I worked at the American International School in Abuja, Nigeria. While in Nigeria I was an Elementary Principal for two years and was then asked to take on the duties as Middle School and High School Principal. It was an amazing experience and I grew very attached to the students, parents, teachers and the Nigerian people. Prior to that I worked for the Hernando County School System located in Spring Hill, Florida.


While I will admit working on an island is a new adventure for me I am most looking forward to being able to explore all that Anguilla has to offer. I am not a typical “Beach” person but I love the ocean. I am a Padi Divemaster for over 30 years, competitive sailor and I love to eat fresh seafood. Three great reasons to live in Anguilla. As I am discovering perhaps the best reason to live here is the people.

Lorraine Thompson - Deputy Principal, PYP Coordinator

I am Lorraine Shakespeare Thompson, currently serving as the Vice Principal, PYP Coordinator and ICT Coordinator.  I am from the island of Jamaica where I received most of my training, certification and professional experiences in education in both public and private schools.

I have been an Educator at OIS for the past 5 years, teaching various grade levels while leading and initiating numerous co-curricular programs to further enhance students’ holistic development. I have been the PYP Coordinator for 2 years. Prior to that time, I was Head Teacher at the Blossom Centre, an Educational Institution for children with special needs.  There I led a small team of teachers and specialist volunteers, worked with and counselled parents, designed daily programs to stimulate the students and implement programs to sensitize the community on special education needs.

Teaching has become a part of my life, having spent 13 years in education I realize such passion coupled with my natural leadership abilities have shaped my path into administration.  I hold a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership and certifications in Special Education, Educational Psychology and Counseling along with numerous awards and recognition for my dedicated service in education and leadership initiatives. I enjoy the challenges of the field of education; working with other administrators, teachers, parents, and students, and the opportunities to make education happen for each student through effective leadership. 

I am easy to talk to and I always try to find the positive side of things. I am a spiritual person who is guided by the premise that we are all of one big human race enriched by each others uniqueness. I have been living in Anguilla for the past 9 years and most of those years were spent at OIS. I feel honored to be apart of the Omololu family and sharing a portion of this 35 square miles piece of rock.

Samantha Alfred-Derrick

Office Administrator & Guidance Counsellor

Samantha Alfred-Derrick joined the Omololu team in 2013 as the Office Administrator. Mrs. Alfred-Derrick has had extensive experience in organisational support, project management, human resources, personnel supervision and office management in various service settings. In her leisure time, Mrs. Alfred-Derrick also assists the youth and other individuals in the community through mentorship, counseling and motivational speaking, her passion. Samantha’s solid attributes facilitate her exceptional ability to establish an excellent rapport with students, parents, teachers, Omololu partners and the Anguillian/International Community. Mrs. Alfred-Derrick is passionate about education and personal development and welcomes the position in this vibrant school setting.


Aretha Morgan - GRADE 6

Althea Aretha Morgan migrated to Anguilla from the country of Guyana where she received her Diploma in Elementary Education at the Cyril Potter College of Education and a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree from the University of Guyana.
With over 18 years of experience in education she instills a love and a passion for learning in her students. Over the years she has prided herself in creating a nurturing, safe, child friendly and a positive learning environment where she encourages creativity and high-order thinking to increase her students’ performance.

Throughout her teaching career she resided and taught in Guyana, The British Virgin Islands and Anguilla. The exposure and experience gained have enriched her teaching career.
Because of her love for nature and interest in the development of the young people of Anguilla she is currently a member of the Anguilla Scout Association and a leader of the Duke of Edinburgh Award program where she plans and coordinates activities for young people whether on adventurous journey in their home country or overseas.
When she is not in the classroom inspiring and challenging her students to work towards their fullest potential she is out in the community escorting and guiding groups of young people on adventurous journeys both locally and overseas.
She is undoubtedly looking forward to a great, adventurous and remarkable time at OIS.

Ben Fisher - GRADE 5

Mr. Benjamin Fisher joins the Omololu team this year from Ontario, Canada. He graduated from McGill University in 2005 where he studied Political Science and Philosophy, and later completed his Primary/Junior teaching certification at Queen’s University in 2007. Since then, he has taught English in Seoul, South Korea, as well as world history and music in the Dominican Republic. This will be Mr. Fisher’s eighth year teaching, and he is very much looking forward to spending it here in beautiful Anguilla!

Mr. Fisher’s mission is to instill a love of learning in his students so that each can realize his or her full potential. He teaches with a passion for the subject matter so that his students develop a drive to become life-long learners. Mr. Fisher also teaches music at OIS. He plays guitar, ukulele, ocarina, and a number of other instruments, and is excited to bring some new rhythms and sounds to school concerts and events. Mr. Fisher can’t wait for the learning, fun, and adventure that this year has in store at Omololu International School!

Lancer Celestin - GRADE 4

I am thrilled to be a new member of the Omololu family. I am a St. Lucian who has been in education since 2005. I have taught at the secondary and tertiary levels in various positions such as classroom teacher, department head and administrator. Now, I am eager to embark upon this new journey in primary education. I enjoy the teaching-learning process and I am always fascinated to experience young people discovering the world through their education journeys. After having worked in St. Lucia and St. Maarten, I am excited to take up this post in Anguilla where the atmosphere is idyllic and friendly.

I am a certified teacher who holds a Master of Education degree in Special Education and a Certificate in Literacy Studies. With these qualifications, my passion for education and my professional drive, I hope to be an asset to the Omololu International School.

P.S. I also look forward to eating ‘cracked conch’ and crayfish on weekends!

Njeri Carty - GRADE 3

Njeri Carty joins the Omololu International School team this year in a dual role as our 3rd Grade Teacher and Instructional Support Specialist. Njeri was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands and raised her early years in Anguilla. She spent most of her life in Houston, TX. She has lived, taught and studied abroad and returned to Anguilla in 2013; establishing Branches Of Learning Inc. and BIG On Learning, both education institutions supporting innovating education solutions in Anguilla and the Caribbean region.

Njeri’s education career has been geared towards the empowerment of children, specifically children with special needs in the area of early literacy development and her leadership skills in training and mentoring new teachers to the education field. She holds a dual B.S. Elementary and Special Education, M.S.Ed. Multicultural Education with a concentration in Literacy and M.Ed. Leadership and Supervision with multiple specialized certificates. She has over fifteen years of experience working and teaching in both general education and special education classroom in the United States, Italy, Namibia, Finland and Anguilla.  She has taught diverse groups of students; trained teachers and education leaders in the areas of:  education policy, literacy, numeracy, instructional strategies, response to intervention, education creativity and innovation.

Her education philosophy acknowledges the dignity and uniqueness of an individual. Her attitude towards children, adolescents and adults as life long learners, is one of true enthusiasm. She believes education is a critical nation building tool and hopes to support the Omololu learning community by developing children and teaching professionals to be effective communicators, competent problem solvers, self-directed learners’, responsible citizens and quality producers as they prepared to meet the dynamic needs of the ever-changing education landscape.

Kourtney Smith - GRADE 2

Kourtney Smith is from Kings Park, New York. She has worked with 1st, 2nd and 6th graders of varying abilities, levels, learning styles, cultures and languages. She aspires to create a meaningful and exciting experience for students by challenging them to think beyond the norm and work with passion. She looks to drive her students intrinsically, by teaching them what it means to be an individual with the power to decide their destiny. More importantly, she would like to the spread awareness that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. As an educator, she embraces the opportunity to serve as an advocate for her students, reaching out to faculty members, administration, parents, and the community.

Marquita Mills - GRADE 1

My career in teaching was initiated out of a passion for kids. After having completed secondary education, I went on to pursue my passion at the Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College where I completed a Diploma course in Special Education in 2009. Following the completion of the course, I started my craft and have been working with children at the primary level either as a part time substitute or a full-time classroom teacher since then. I later went on to compete a Bachelor of Science in Primary Education at the International University of the Caribbean.

I am very excited to have started this new chapter in my career as a first-grade teacher and I feel very privileged to work in such a dynamic school, one that seeks to provide the absolute best not just for their children’s academic development but their holistic well-being.

Noemi Proulx - Kindergarten

Hello! My name is Noemi Proulx Rivera and I am very excited to work at Omololu International School. I was born in Santo Domingo but I was raised in a small town called Sosua, 5 hours from the city. I discovered my passion for teaching at a very young age because my father was a teacher throughout his life.  He always did the best he could to help his students. He was that motivation that people sometimes need to seek a better life. As I grew, I eventually followed in his footsteps. I am the youngest sister of five; in our family, we have three teachers.

I studied in Santo Domingo, and I have a degree in Elementary Education. I have worked in schools such as New Horizons and Colegio Dominico Americano, where I was involved in the teaching of third grade American curriculum based on Common Core State Standards. I have also volunteered to help small public schools in rural areas near Santo Domingo. My last job was at ISLA Academy where I was introduced to the IB learning method. It was an amazing year and I learned so much and fell in love with this new way of teaching. Watching students get the chance to take command of their learning was eye-opening and I loved being able to give them the tools they need to achieve their goals.

In my free time, I enjoy teaching, yoga, running, reading and going to the beach and trying new things. I am looking forward to my new adventure in Anguilla!


Vanessa Croft Thompson - Language Arts and Social Studies

Vanessa Croft Thompson holds a Bachelor’s in Education in English Literature from the University of the West Indies as well as a Master of Arts English Language from the same institution. She has had a love for language and creative writing since she began writing poetry at the age of six. Always an avid writer, her poetry is published in Where I See the Sun: An Anthology of Anguillian Poetry. She is a long-time winner of the Malliouhana Poetry Competition with numerous first prize placings for Spoken Word from 2007 to 2018. She represented the literary arts in Anguilla as a Spoken Word poet at the 2017 CARIFESTA in Barbados and again in 2019 on the island of Trinidad. Vanessa spoke as a panelist at the 2018 Anguilla Literary Arts Festival where she presented her experience running a blog. In 2018, Vanessa also received the National Youth Award for Outstanding Performance in the Literary Arts. She was nominated at the same ceremony for Recognition in Volunteerism for her work teaching Literature to inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison as well as her pioneer efforts in promoting reading for pleasure amongst adolescents.

Previously, Vanessa held the position of Head of the English Department at the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive school where she taught English Language, Literature and Communication Studies to secondary school students. She also lectures for the Anguilla Community College’s teacher training program and teaches a continuing education course in Creative Writing at the University of the West Indies, Open Campus. Vanessa joins the Omololu team with many years’ experience in writing and literary instruction. She prides herself in having developed a uniquely intuitive teaching style which allows classic content to be transferred to 21st century students in relevant ways.

Gudis Hodge - Math and Science

Gudis Hodge was born and raised on the island of Anguilla. Following her graduation from sixth form she continued her studies in Canada at the University of Toronto completing her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry. With the love she has for her island she returned following the completion of her studies to further transfer this love of science to the younger generation. She taught at the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School for 6 years teaching numerous science subjects, from Form 1 to 6, with students of varying capabilities. She holds a wealth of knowledge in the subjects of Science, Mathematics and Health.

Gudis enjoys listening to music, reading and spending time with her son. She is looking forward to starting this new venture at the Omolulu International School.


Collette Jones-Chin - Visual Arts

Mrs. Collette Jones-Chin is the newest addition to the Omololu team. Originally from Guyana, Mrs. Jones-Chin has over 30 years of experience in education, starting from the time she was just out of high school when she became an apprentice teacher. From there she went into the arts, pursuing a life-long passion for both visual and performing arts. Collette has lived in many countries throughout her career, broadening and deepening her educational experience with every move. In addition to teaching Grade 3 at Omololu International, Mrs. Jones-Chin leads a local youth theatre group and writes and directs her own performing arts productions.

Madame Connor - French

French teacher Madame CONNOR, is not French, nor is she from a French-speaking region. As a native English speaker who has taught French for over 20 years (in the USA and Anguilla), and studied it much longer, she considers herself an ambassador for second (or additional) language learning. She has shared her love of French language and culture with students of all ages and has a keen interest in how other languages are acquired and mastered.

A third-generation American, whose immigrant ancestors came from Eastern Europe and the British Isles, Madame Connor was raised in a multicultural and multilingual community. She chose to study Spanish in secondary school because her family’s languages – Polish and Ukrainian – were not options, and because many of her northern Ohio neighbours were Hispanic families and businesses.  It was not until her undergraduate years, while completing her degree in the History of Art that she fell in love with French art and culture, and decided to formally pursue French studies.

Now a certified Francophile, Madame Connor undertook programmes in language, literature and civilization, first in the USA and then in Paris at the Alliance Française, and the Sorbonne.  At university, while she tutored other language learners of French and English, she found she had a knack for simplifying the tricky grammars, tackling the seemingly endless vocabulary lists, and tying it all together in written and spoken form. Later, her teaching certification would include a specialization in language teaching and learning.

Mrs Connor brings to the OIS a deep respect for multilingualism and the cognitive processes and strategies that best facilitate additional language learning.  Leading by example as a lifelong learner of other languages, her goal is to motivate her students to love French culture and for them to develop their proficiencies in French language to the highest levels possible.

Ana Laura Jules Woodley - Spanish