Your child is invited to be apart of Omololu International School from Monday to Wednesday to experience  an early start at OIS.



In this program a variety of methods and resources are used to develop basic skills and concepts in the following areas: pre-mathematics, language, social skills, fine motor skills, hands-on activities, stories, crafts, and music.


This program encourages the children to develop their skills in observing and creating. They especially focus on pre-reading, pre-mathematics, language, music, crafts, social skills, and motor skills.


We challenge our students by achieving reasonable goals developing habits of attention, listening, and learning.
They focus on mathematics, language arts, science, computer literacy, languages, cultural studies, library, music, art, physical education.

 Omololu International School Offers Scholarships to Interested Families

The OIS annual fee structure of the 2014-2015 school year is as follows:

  • US$ 2,550 for the Pre-School Program; US$ 5,100 for Pre-K and Kindergarten; and US$ 6,100 for Grades 1-6. Learn more
  • Partial scholarships for 2014-2015 school year will be given up to a maximum amount of US$ 2,000 per year for students enrolling in Grades 1-6; US$ 1,100 to Pre-K/Kindergarten students; and US$ 300 for Pre-School students.
  • The scholarship fund committee will determine the final amount, if any, per each individual application.
  • The Registration Fee of US$ 350 (Pre-School/Pre-K/Kindergarten) and US$ 600 (Grades 1- 6) will be required as an annual non-refundable fee to be paid before enrollment. This registration fee is not covered by the scholarship program.
  • Students currently receiving scholarship assistance are eligible to apply for the upcoming school year.

If you have interest in learning more or applying for a scholarship, kindly call us at 497-5430 or email us at [email protected] We invite you to follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list.