GARDENThe Omololu International    School was delighted to participate in the Anguilla Flower and Garden Show held February 22nd and 23rd at the Wallblake House and Grounds.  The theme of this year’s show was “Using Our Natural Resources.” There were several categories for competition including Floral Arrangements, Plants Growing in Containers, Garden Displays and Art. The event welcomed participation from a large cross-section of the community including avid florists and gardeners, artists and elementary and high schools and students.  The community-inspired atmosphere was further complemented by several booths selling books, craft items, fresh vegetables and local delicacies.

 OIS captured First Place in the Best School Garden Display 2014 as it showcased a house and garden scene from the 1970s. The Omololu House was created from cardboard boxes which the students painted and reflected the old style traditional West Indian architecture.  Frilly curtains and a house plaque completed the house look and roof guttering ensured that the rainwater was captured and funneled into a basin below. The words on the plaque read as follows:


Garden Show - Garden

Omololu House and Garden (1970’s) 

We are proud, hardworking Omololu family of Anguilla….Welcome to our home and garden. Life is tough…money is scarce… Many of our men and boys have gone on ships to Panama, the Dominican Republic and Aruba…to earn a living to send back remittances. Planting the soil is a challenge… but we are a resilient people. We embrace our determination and creativity to till the soil to grow our indigenous crops to feed our families: Corn, peas, cotton, medicinal bush teas, herbs… We raise our goats and other livestock to feed the community. Through close bonds with our neighbours and community jollification, we are able to feed our families and beautify our gardens and live life reflecting the pride of our beloved Anguilla. We are happy that you stopped by to visit and we hope to see you again soon…

Garden Show - Art 1



In the garden, evidence of the traditional Anguillian lifestyle could be seen:  Sea island cotton, pope, thatch, conch shells, pounded rock, coal pot, calabash bowls, bush medicines, local herbs a

nd spices, fish nets, beach stones, garden tools, topped off by chickens in a hatch and two new born baby goats…all showcasing the resilient lifestyle and resourcefulness of the Anguillian people, whilst highlighting the theme “Using Our

Natural Resources”.


Garden Show - Art 2OIS is very proud of its student artists who participated in the Juniors Art Award category. There were individual and class displays of art and craft highlighting Anguilla’s natural beauty.  Mya Lake won First place for her stunning palm fringed beach scene, Nandi Edwards received a second place award for her vibrant underwater scene, the OIS Arts Club won third place for their fabulous garden model and the OIS Preschool Group got an honorary mention for their exquisite floral vase display.   OIS is most proud of the school spirit as students, parents and teachers lent their hands and talents to participate in one of Anguilla’s most creative displays on the island’s social calendar.

Commendation is given to the Anguilla Beautification Club in providing this annual platform to support Gardening and the Arts and to all participants for their passionate efforts in sharing their creativity and talent for the community’s enjoyment.

Garden Show - Art


OIS embraces a holistic model of child development and welcomes opportunities like this event to further exposure and learning for students. For more information see  or call 1-264- 497-5430 for details.