Omololu International School (OIS) continues to fulfill its mission to provide for all aspects of a stimulating and holistic school life for their students and by extension the community at large. This new school term opened with the unveiling of an extensive playground facility.


OIS believes that the playground is a place where children can develop important life skills such as team work, interpersonal skills, independence and sportsmanship, whilst promoting their physical development.  Playgrounds have been gaining spotlight in the field of Education over the past few decades, recognised as a powerful tool in a child’s development. They provide an excellent opportunity for children to socialize and interact, while strengthening their gross motor skills.  The impressive and modern OIS playground is a perfect example of providing this valuable learning setting.


The two-part playground is specifically designed with two age groups in mind: one section caters to the pre-school and kindergarten age group and the other section is designed for children of Grades 1 – 6.  Each section of the playground has top of the line, safety-approved equipment, specially selected to further develop the different age appropriate areas.  The playground equipment includes such well-known apparatus as the swing, the slide, see-saw and the climber, along with other pieces.


This modern playground consisting of sixteen (16) playground items has been the result of another generous educational grant from Windsong Foundation. It was professionally installed by Carl Richards, Naman Webster and team, and supported by the invaluable assistance of the PTA and parents of the school.


Omololu International School has plans to open the playground for the benefit of the wider community who will be able utilize the playground for private parties and other children events.

Omololu International School continues to strive to add richness and depth to its quality learning environment. For more information kindly view or call (264) 497-5430.