Health & Safety


Please call the Office by 8:00 am on the day your child will not be coming to school. For security reasons we require that you call in person or send in a written notice of absence. Notification by a third party will not be accepted.

Children, who are running a fever, have a severe cold or otherwise appear to be too sick to be in school must be kept home. Your child must be fever-free for at least a day before being sent to school. Contagious diseases such as pink eye or strep-throat must be under control before your child is admitted back to school.

If your child is absent between 1 and 3 days, please send a written and signed notification to the classroom teacher. If your child has been absent for over 3 days, please send a doctor’s statement indicating the dates of the illness. If your child required a doctor’s visit or hospitalization (especially when having a contagious infection), please submit a doctor’s statement indicating your child is now fit to come back to school.

Sending a Child Home

In the event it becomes necessary to send a child home due to illness, parents or the emergency contact listed in your child’s records will be notified and arrangements will be made for the child to be picked up at school.

Remember that the students must be checked out through the office before they leave.

No child will be given permission to leave school without consent of the parent. If the parent(s) cannot be contacted and the student’s situation is severe, school officials will contact emergency medical personnel.

Accidents & Emergency Prodcedures

Emergency information authorization is required to be on file at the school for each child.

The office staff will contact parents at the emergency contact numbers in your child’s file for any serious injury and illness as a matter of routine.

When in doubt, the school will call and ask the parent to make a decision as to whether a child should remain in school, go home and/or receive medical attention.

If we are unable to contact anyone concerning a sick or injured child, we will either call an ambulance or take your child to the nearest hospital or clinic.


No medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter, will be given to any student without written instructions from the child’s physician and/or parent.

This includes commonly used medications such as Aspirin, cough syrup, and cough drops.

Should it become necessary for a child to take medication at school, please leave written instructions along with your signature with the School Office Administrator.

In order for prescribed medication to be given to a student during school hours, the School Administration Officer will receive a note from parents requesting medication administration, and the note should specify dosage, time of day, and length of treatment.

Inhalers - Asthmatic Conditions

The Board shall grant authority to permit a student with an asthmatic condition to possess an inhaler for emergency treatment. The following conditions must be met:

  • A written request from the parent(s) requesting the student be granted permission to possess the inhaler must be on file in the principal’s office. No student other than the approved student will be allowed to use or possess the medication. The request is good for the current school year only. Each year the parent must repeat the documentation process.
  • The inhaler must be prescribed by a medical physician and a written order from said physician indicating the necessity for the student to possess an inhaler at all times must be on file in the principal’s office and the nurse’s office.
Special Needs & Allergies

Please advise your child’s teacher of any allergies, disabilities, fears, strong dislikes or any other conditions which affect your child’s health, happiness, or ability to function in a group.


Head Lice

Parents need to inform the school immediately in case the children have head lice. Children infected with head lice must be treated and kept at home until all nits (eggs of lice) have disappeared. Our staff will perform a thorough inspection. All children with live lice or nits will be sent home immediately. Students will only be allowed back to school upon showing proof of treatment.