Fundraiser Assistance

Fundraisers are a vital part of the success of Omololu International School. Money from fundraisers goes to help with the Parent-Teacher Association, fund new projects on campus, and contribute to the Financial Aid Fund.

Over the course of the school year, OIS has many fundraisers both large and small. These events are bookended with the Anguilla Culinary Sampler and the Omololu International School BINGO!

Started in 2014, the Culinary Sampler is a showcase for some of the best restaurants in Anguilla and a time where people can sample food from all of them in one place. Additionally, there are vendors from across the island, selling wares, giving information, and participating however they can. In 2014, over $11,000 was raised!

In May, OIS sponsors a BINGO evening down at Elvis’ Beach Bar on Sandy Ground. It’s a fun evening of food, drinks, and great prizes as many of the best hotels and restaurants across the island donate gifts, stays, and treats to support the worthy cause.

Additionally, OIS is always on the lookout to increase its Capital Fund. With an eye looking forward to further projects and possible expansion, the capital fund is the means with which to get there.

If your organization would like to take part in a fundraiser, make a donation, or sponsor a child’s tuition, please reach out by calling 497-5430 or email at [email protected]