Field Trips & Celebrations

Field Trip Guidelines

Attendance on a field trip is considered an educational learning experience. Students not attending a field trip will be assigned appropriate educational activities for that day on campus. Students attending a field trip must return signed field trip permission slips. Only parents or guardians may check out a child from a field trip. This will be considered an early checkout for perfect attendance.

  1. All students are to remain with their class during the field trip.
  2. Parents are asked to follow classroom teacher’s procedures for field trips.
  3. Please provide all the necessary medication and appropriate instructions that should accompany your child/ward on any field trip.
Snack/Party Policy

Sometimes students are asked to bring snacks for class. We appreciate all parent support in this request. All snacks should be as healthy as possible. In the event of a birthday celebration, parents are asked to provide prior notice if their child/children will be having a celebration of the event at the school. During this time parents are encouraged to be present in the classroom and lead the celebration.

Where party favors or bags will be issued, please ensure that the snacks/treats are healthy and age appropriate. Parents are expected to clean-up after the event.

Birthday Celebrations

If you would like your child to celebrate their special day with their class at school you need to contact the class teacher.

Birthdays are a very exciting event for children. If you choose to celebrate a child’s birthday in school with snacks please consult first with your child’s teacher to decide upon an appropriate arrangement that will not disrupt the class routine.

Some children have serious allergies which may limit the types of foods they can safely eat. Individual treats are more desirable (cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc.) as they can be passed out without taking additional class time for cutting and serving.