Special drills are planned by the primary school to train everyone in procedures to be followed in particular types of emergency. Emergency exit procedures are clearly posted in all classrooms and public areas. Teachers are familiar with basic emergency procedures and exit routes and model the required response and behavior for their students.



In the case of fire or other types of emergency, students, staff and visitors evacuate the school quietly without panic and in the least possible time.


Possible Reasons for Evacuation:

  • A fire in the school
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Civil unrest
  • Spillage of hazardous chemicals
  • Bomb threat



If the school authorities believe it is unsafe to allow children to travel home, the children will be kept at the school and supervised by teachers until:

  • It is safe to travel home or
  • A parent collects the child.

The school will endeavour to contact all parents by phone to explain what is happening and provide them with the opportunity to collect their children from the school.



Fire and emergency drills are required. Emergency procedures for exiting the area will be posted in each classroom and office area. When participating in any type of drill students are to move orderly and quickly to provide for the safety of the entire group. DO NOT RUN OR TALK.



Our area is noted for hurricane watches and warnings. If a severe weather warning, such as flash flood, hurricane, tsunami or earthquake  is issued by the meteorological centre or the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness, they will notify the principal. Children will remain in school until it is deemed safe to dismiss them, unless they are picked up by their parents. It is advisable for parents not to pick up their children while severe weather conditions persist.


Students will not be allowed to use the telephone during severe weather warnings except in cases of emergency. Parents and their children should have an arrangement worked out in advance with regard to transportation during extreme weather conditions.



The principal is authorized to announce the closing of school if prevailing or potential hazards threaten the safety and well-being of students and employees. The decision to close school shall be made by the principal after collaboration, when administratively feasible, with the president of the school board, and other community agencies responsible for the safety and well-being of the community. Public announcements and releases to news media shall be approved by the Board or his authorized designee. The principal is hereby authorized and may close school because of an epidemic prevailing in the school district or because of the death of a teacher or because of any other emergency necessitating the closing of school. However, school shall operate for the required full time after being reopened during the scholastic year. Parents, students and staff members should listen to a local radio or television station concerning emergency closing or early dismissals. The school will also use the parent’s notification system.