Code Of Behavior

At Omololu International School an underlying atmosphere of respect pervades the classrooms and campus. Our students have the right to a safe and caring learning environment. Through the the 4 “Rs” of Rights, Responsibilities, Rules and Routines, which also reflects the IB attitudes, we model and apply the Code of Behavior.

We acknowledge that there are cultural differences in what is considered polite behavior. Nevertheless, our expectations are based on the universal values of respect, integrity, kindness and tolerance.  Teachers work with their students to establish specific rules of class conduct all based on these basic values.  We believe strongly in communication and working in partnership with parents to solve problems that arise and request parents to support us in teaching these values.


We have a right to…


Our responsibilities are…


Our rules are that …


Our routines are that …



 To be treated with respect



To be honest.

To be considerate of others.

To treat others with respect.

To be a caring communicator.


We listen to others and take turns when we speak.

We use school appropriate language.



We keep our class and our school clean and tidy.

We are principled about our classroom duties.



 To be safe


To be responsible for our school, our belongings and those of others.



We keep our hands to ourselves.



We move around the school in a safe, orderly and quiet manner.




To learn



To be committed

to learning.



We use standard English as our common classroom language.



We are in the right place at the right time. We follow morning and

afternoon routines in class, during breaks and on the playground.



Disciplinary actions: 

Violations to the above code of conduct are typically dealt with by the classroom teacher unless they feel the infraction is severe enough to warrant administration involvement.  In such cases, the parents will be contacted and most often a conference will be set up involving the teacher, student, parents, and administrator. 

 Potential consequences of code of conduct violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Warning
  • Time out (with discussion of desired behavior)
  • An Incident Report which is communicated to parents (see copy on next page)
  • Removal of school privileges
  • Teacher-Parent-Student conference
  • Suspension for an agreed number of days
  • Dismissal from school (will be decided by Board of Directors OIS)

Rewards are given on an individual or classroom basis as seen fit by the classroom teacher.  Rewards may include, but are not limited to:

  • Classroom parties
  • Extra recess time
  • Celebrating individual students.