Tuition and other Fees for 2019 – 2020

Registration fee (non-refundable)

A US $ 375.00 non-refundable fee is required yearly at the time of registration for Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten. For all other grade levels this will be US$ 625.00. This fee will be fully transferred to the Learning Material Fund which is intended to cover the costs of books, workbooks, support materials for instruction and related technology hardware/software, which will enhance the student’s learning process throughout the school year. No exemptions are made in the payment of the registration fee.

Tuition Fees

A school needs to plan for its human and physical resources on an annual basis. This planning is based on student enrollment and school fees. The tuition is set for the year and per term. In order to facilitate parents, payments though may be made in monthly installments. Parents who like to withdraw their child from school need to inform the school well in advance (at least 3 months). If a child is withdrawn half-way the term without prior knowledge of the OIS Board, tuition fees will not be waived for the remainder of the term.

Payment of Fees – Guidelines

All school tuition fees are due by the published dates; in general this means that all tuition should be paid by the third of the month. If payment is not received on the indicated date a late fee will be added, which is currently set at $50.00. A returned cheque is considered as a late payment. Where fees remain unpaid after 30 days further attendance of students shall be denied. Reports and school records will be withheld pending full payment on any outstanding accounts.

Only payment of the first installment of the tuition fee and the registration fee (see below) will secure a place for the new school year.
The cost of uniforms and general school supplies appropriate for each grade level shall be the responsibility of the parents. The list of school supplies can be obtained from the Office Administrator. Books, related software and other supplementary learning materials are intended to be covered by the yearly registration fee, which will be transferred to the Learning Material Fund. Field trips, external examinations, damaged or lost books are not covered by the registration fee, tuition fee or the Learning Material Fund contribution.

Monthly Tuition

Monthly tuition fees are payable by post-dated cheques or standing orders ONLY.


For families with more than one child in the school there are discounts for the 2nd and 3rd child (in case of 4th and 5th child the same discount as 3rd child applies). The discount is always related to the youngest child! So, in case there is one child in primary and one in kindergarten, the discount is calculated on the kindergarten fee.

Discounted fees are:
– 2nd child: 20% discount
– 3rd child: 30% discount

Payment Options

Installments should be made payable to “Omololu International School”

Bank payments:

This can be completed by various ways: Direct Deposit or Cheque. Upon completion of payment, a copy of the deposit slip needs to be submitted to the Office Administrator as proof of payment.


If payment by cheque is the chosen payment option; all post-dated cheques need to be handed in by the start of the new school-year (September 01st). The cheques are to be dated per month from: September 3rd through June 3rd, no installments are paid in July and August. A returned cheque will be considered as a late payment.

Cash payment at the school

will under no circumstances be accepted. Cash deposits can be done in the form of a direct deposit into the school’s bank account; a copy of the deposit slip should be handed over to the Office Administrator.

Payment Plans

Payments can be made by selecting one of the three payment plans. Tuition fees have to be paid at the start of the school year, term or at the beginning of the month dependent on the selected option.

Tuition Payment Plan 1

Full payment in advance at time of registration.
Year Level Anguilla Belongers:
1 Installment of
1 Installment of
Primary School (Pre-K – Grade 6) US $6,300 US $7,650
Middle School (Grade 7 – 8) US $6,900 US $8,400

Tuition Payment Plan 2

Payment in three equal installments. Payments are due at the start of each academic term.
Year Level Anguilla Belongers:
3 Equal Installment of
3 Equal Installment of
Primary School (Pre-K – Grade 6) US $2,100 US $2,550
Middle School (Grade 7 – 8) US $2,300 US $2,800

Tuition Payment Plan 3

Payment in ten equal installments. Payments due by the 3rd of the month to which the payment applies.
(Option only available to students registered during first term)
Year Level Anguilla Belongers:
10 Equal Installment of
10 Equal Installment of
Primary School (Pre-K – Grade 6) US $630 US $765
Middle School (Grade 7 – 8) US $690 US $840

General Conditions of Enrolment

Not withstanding the right of each party to terminate this contract, the school has the right, at its discretion, upon presumption of a disorderly act by the student named in this application which endangers the order or discipline on campus, the school shall be entitled to terminate this contract immediately for cause.

Data related to our child’s attendance at the school are stored in the school’s data bases and are used for school related purposes only.

It is agreed that, notwithstanding the year level for which application is made, final year placement is at the discretion of the administration. (It should be understood that the year levels at Omololu International School do not necessarily correspond to those in any other school or national or international system of education.

A child must be at least three years of age on or before September 1st of the year of entry for entrance into the pre-school class and having met other stipulated criteria and at least four years of age on or before September 1st of the year of entry for entrance into the Pre-Kindergarten class.

We have read the general conditions of enrolment outlined above. We also agree to provide one full term’s notice in writing, or fees for one full term in lieu of notice, if we withdraw a child from the school.

This application, when signed, constitutes a contract subject to the laws of Anguilla. Purposely providing incorrect or incomplete information can lead to the school’s termination of the contract.

Click here to download a copy of the 2019 – 2020 registration form for new registrations.

Click here to download a copy of the 2019 – 2020 registration form for returning students.