About Our School

The Omololu International School (OIS) was established in 1994 and is located on the island of Anguilla in the Eastern Caribbean.  OIS is an authorized International Baccalaureate World School – Primary Years Programme, which caters to local, regional and expatriate children from over 25 countries.  OIS maintains strong academics, a nurturing and positive environment, and a well-rounded and holistic educational environment for its students.  OIS offers a rigorous, student-centered approach to education via an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary curriculum framework that builds conceptual understanding.  By providing an education that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant, OIS is paving the way for the children of Anguilla by delivering excellent outcomes.


To provide our students with a stimulating and engaging learning experience that inspires them to be balanced, open-minded and reflective global citizens. We use an internationally recognized curriculum of the highest standard embedded with the IB philosophy. The world is our classroom; all students have the courage and freedom to think, create and discover in a fun, safe and open environment.


We will advance into one of the leading centers of learning in the Caribbean through building collaborative relationships among students, staff, parents, and the wider community.

Core Values

An internationally-minded school that:

  • Respects every individual, regardless of our differences
    has a curriculum that promotes international mindedness while keeping in mind the perspective of the local community
  • Regards the different socio-economic, geographic, religious and cultural backgrounds of its student body as a cause for celebration
  • Provides a language-rich environment and encourages students to study two extra languages besides the instructional language of English
  • Promotes active service to the wider community socially and environmentally

An open, inclusive community that:

  • Treats everyone with fairness
  • Listens to and treats with respect those with different points of view
  • Makes decisions after conducting open-minded consultation and seeking consensus
  • Establishes community spirit through responsibility and accountability
  • Empowers its members to be proactive
  • Encourages parents, students and teachers to work together

A school without walls that:

  • Is open to the outside world locally and globally
  • Encourages and supports innovation and sustainability
  • Gives rein to the creativity and imagination of its members
  • Encourages the use of modern technology in communication and the delivery of the curriculum
  • Is a part of a professional learning community in which all of its members see themselves as lifelong learners
  • Equips its members (teachers, students and parents) with mindsets and skill sets to successfully navigate and seize opportunities in the changing world they live in

A school which meets the individual needs of its students by:

  • Adapting to different learning styles, interests and aptitudes
  • Developing pride in oneself as an individual and a member of a community.

History Of Omololu

The Omololu International School has been in existence since 1994. It was the first private school on the island and was founded with the goal of providing a progressive, holistic education to the children of Anguilla.

Omololu is a Yoruba name from West Africa which means: “Child of God”. The close-knit, caring setting allows each child to be appreciated for their uniqueness with the ultimate goal of preparing students for the local and global world.

One of the highlights in the history of the school was the commendation received in 2001 from UNESCO and the International Bureau of Education, that “the school is a model for UNESCO’s vision of education for the 21st century.”

The school has always used a blend of its own curriculum and the National Curriculum of Anguilla. The curriculum is directed towards a sound core program: multicultural education, foreign languages, the creative and performing arts, and personal, social and physical development.

Now located in its new permanent campus, OIS is set for the future, continuing to offer students the best and most progressive education in the area.