Jordan Scheer - Principal

Jordan Scheer grew up in Island Heights, NJ, a small town right in the heart of the Jersey Shore. At an early age, he realized that he wanted to work in education and began working as a sailing coach during his summer break at the age of 16. From that point, he never looked back. After graduating from high school, he attended Wake Forest University where he majored in Elementary Education and then he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where he began his 10 year career of working at IB/PYP Schools. Over the next 6 years, Jordan taught 3rd and 5th grades all while working towards both his masters degree in Curriculum and Supervision as well as his administrative credentials. However, after 6 years in Charlotte, he decided to try life overseas and relocated to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Jordan spent the next four years in Trinidad working for the International School of Port of Spain, first in the elementary school and then in the middle school. Now in his third year at OIS, Mr. Scheer is enjoying his time in Anguilla, working with a fantastic group of teachers and students. In his free time, you can usually find him outside, either scuba diving, hiking, or just enjoying a relaxing day on the beach.

Samantha Alfred-Derrick - Office Administrator

Samantha Alfred-Derrick joined the Omololu team in 2013 as a Volunteer and has now officially Joined OIS in 2014 as the Office Administrator. Mrs. Alfred-Derrick has had extensive experience in organisational support, project management, human resources, personnel supervision and office management in various service settings. In her leisure time, Mrs. Alfred-Derrick also assists the youth and other individuals in the community through mentorship, counseling and motivational speaking, her passion. Samantha’s solid attributes facilitate her exceptional ability to establish an excellent rapport with students, parents, teachers, Omololu partners and the Anguillian/International Community. Mrs. Alfred-Derrick is passionate about education and personal development and welcomes the position in this vibrant school setting.

Classroom Teachers:

Lorraine Thompson - Grade 6

Lorraine Thompson joined the Omololu Team in September 2013. Having atttained an Honorary Diploma in Special Education at the Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College in Jamaica where she also completed all required theoretical credits for her Bachelors of Science Degree in Education, Mrs. Thompson is pursuing a Master’s of Science Degree in Education Leadership at the Leicester University. She holds numerous certificates in Counseling, Education Psychology, teaching and management of Exceptional learners. She is the recipient of numerous awards inclusive of Competence in the practice of Education, Teaching in special Education (Jamaica), and Dedication to Special Education in Anguilla (Department of Education) alongside others. Mrs. Thompson volunteers two afternoons weekly at the Blossom Centre for severe to profoundly challenged learners where she previously worked. She is a member of the Anguilla Parent Support Group for physically challenged children.

Ben Fisher - Grade 5 and Music Teacher

Mr. Benjamin Fisher joins the Omololu team this year from Ontario, Canada. He graduated from McGill University in 2005 where he studied Political Science and Philosophy, and later completed his Primary/Junior teaching certification at Queen’s University in 2007. Since then, he has taught English in Seoul, South Korea, as well as world history and music in the Dominican Republic. This will be Mr. Fisher’s eighth year teaching, and he is very much looking forward to spending it here in beautiful Anguilla!

Mr. Fisher’s mission is to instill a love of learning in his students so that each can realize his or her full potential. He teaches with a passion for the subject matter so that his students develop a drive to become life-long learners. Mr. Fisher also teaches music at OIS. He plays guitar, ukulele, ocarina, and a number of other instruments, and is excited to bring some new rhythms and sounds to school concerts and events. Mr. Fisher can’t wait for the learning, fun, and adventure that this year has in store at Omololu International School!

Melissa Thibodeau - Grade 4 and French Teacher

Ms. Melissa Thibodeau is a 27 year old McGill University graduate from Québec, Canada with a bachelor's degree in kindergarten and elementary education. Over the past few years, she has gotten experience teaching all primary years including teaching English to Thai children during a 1 year position overseas and teaching French as a second language in Québec. Fluent in both English and French as well as some Spanish, she has a wide variety of interests outside of school including, but not limited to cooking, scuba diving, exploring, traveling, hiking, biking, riding scooters, as well as most sports.

Now in her second year at Omololu International, Ms. “T” loves bringing her passion for education to all her students and looks forward to what the future of the school will bring.

Collette Jones-Chin – Grade 3

Mrs. Collette Jones-Chin is the newest addition to the Omololu team. Originally from Guyana, Mrs. Jones-Chin has over 30 years of experience in education, starting from the time she was just out of high school when she became an apprentice teacher. From there she went into the arts, pursuing a life-long passion for both visual and performing arts. Collette has lived in many countries throughout her career, broadening and deepening her educational experience with every move. In addition to teaching Grade 3 at Omololu International, Mrs. Jones-Chin leads a local youth theatre group and writes and directs her own performing arts productions.

Kourtney Smith – Grade 2

Kourtney Smith is from Kings Park, New York. She has worked with 1st, 2nd and 6th graders of varying abilities, levels, learning styles, cultures and languages and is now in her 4th year at Omololu International. Her goal has always been to create a meaningful and exciting experience for students by challenging them to think beyond the norm and work with passion. She looks to drive her students intrinsically, by teaching them what it means to be an individual with the power to decide advocate for her students, reaching out to faculty members, administration, parents, and the community.

Amanda Murdoch - Grade 1 and PYP Coordinator

Amanda Murdoch joined the Omololu team 3 years ago from Canada where she taught pre-kindergarten to grade six for nine years as both a classroom and special education teacher.  She has three university degrees, in Social Work, Theatre and Film and Primary Education. Following her teaching degree, she also obtained a specialist degree in Early Literacy and Special Education. In her final year in Canada, she worked at the school board level as a Pedagogical Consultant in Special Education.  Although she enjoyed her position as a consultant, she decided to follow her dream of teaching in an international school. Amanda is thrilled to be part of the OIS family and shares the Omololu’s educational values in respecting the uniqueness and diversity of students while supporting them in achieving their full potential as learners and fostering success for all. She believes that it is her responsibility to create a learning environment in which students can achieve their full potential. She strongly believes that the goal of education should be to maximize the growth of her students while creating a lifelong love of learning.

“Students are not empty vessels to be filled, but flames to be lit.” – Plato

Natasha Welcome – Pre-kindergarten & Kindergarten

Originally from Guyana, Mrs. Natasha Welcome has been a part of Omololu for the past 13 years, bringing her loving personality and constant optimism to the team first as a substitute of the Grade 4 class and was instrumental in reviving the play school programme. Over the years, Mrs. Welcome’s role has evolved however she has always had a passion for working with children. Now in her second year as the PK/K teacher, Mrs. Welcome also serves as Vice-President of the Anguilla Early Childhood Association and serves as liaison with the Anguilla Teacher’s Union as well. Mrs. Welcome received training from the Government of Anguilla in collaboration with SUNY Cobleskill New York and a certificate in Montessori Training. She is presently pursuing a B.Ed. in Literacy Studies at the University of the West Indies and looks forward to being a Reading Specialist. Her love and respect for various languages and cultures fuels the Omololu concept of racial and cultural integration.

Natalie Volchek - Visual Arts Teacher

Mrs. Natalie Volchek-Alvarez has always been an artist and painter. Raising two girls, she realized the power of using art in working with children and she joined the Omololu International team to put that belief into practice. Now in her third year, she has opened the eyes of many of Anguilla’s future artists to the beauty and diversity of art. Her philosophy is that teaching them to express their ideas, thoughts and views through the use of paint and paintbrush, will allow them to be more open and honest about what they think and believe in.

Emma Izquieta - Spanish teacher

Now starting her second year, Ms. Emma Izquieta is thrilled to be part of OIS team! She is originally from Ecuador, but she was raised in Spain, and the opportunity to be exposed to two different cultures was a unique experience that not only opened her eyes to travel but made her understand the importance to learn a second language. She has over 5 years of teaching experience in Spain, England and Dominican Republic. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies and a Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude from the University of Barcelona, after which she continued her professional development at the Cervantes Institute in London. Ms. Izquieta’s teaching philosophy is that of academic guidance and she strives to develop dynamic lessons suitable for diverse learning styles, to promote a positive and inclusive classroom environment and to empower students to challenge themselves.

Miguel Walker - Physical Education/ Sports Director

Mr. Miguel Walker is no stranger to the athletics programs of Anguilla.  Originally from the Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines,  he attended the Intermediate High School in St. Vincent. It was during those high school years that he fell in love with sports and competed both in football and track and field.  But it was not until he arrived on Anguilla in 1998 that he decided to dedicate himself to coaching football particularly. His first team was the Island Harbor Primary School where he coached for two years, and took them from last position to fourth.  He also took part in soccer camps and courses, and obtained certificates in coaching hosted by the Anguilla Football Association (AFA) under Raymond Guishard (president). He worked with many other schools over the years, including Omololu as volunteer games teacher, and recently The Valley Primary School as football coach before leaving for St. Martin. He also worked with the Anguilla Athletics Association, and obtained certificates in track and field.  However, he feels his greatest experience was at Central Christian School where he worked for four years as PE Teacher/ Coach/ Sports Director. His job description was to organize a program that would enhance the athletes' development in sports and as a result, the school's sports program became one to contend with in Anguilla.  His goal is to do the same with Omololu International School (OIS) and he am very excited to share his expertise and experience with the school and the children of Anguilla.

Mrs. Patricia Payne-Webster - School Attendant

Mrs. Patricia Payne-Webster is the warm-hearted School Attendant at Omololu International School since 2012, whose daily tasks are supported by the welcome assistance of members of her family. Mrs. Payne-Webster enjoys her job and takes pride in ensuring that the children and teachers are in pristine, healthy environment at all times. Patricia shares that the school has become a part of her family, and for her,  her work here is a fulfilling labour of love. “My sister and I have a passion for craft (needle craft, crochet, string art, crochet, sisal, macramé , bags and  hat  making), which we taught students of the Government Primary Schools for six years and  look forward to sharing with the students of  OIS. In my leisure time I enjoy cooking, cleaning and appreciating Anguilla’s peaceful atmosphere.”