Each class has a different timetable, which is shared with the parents through email and/or on the website.

Before lunch time, classes will focus on academic subject areas, while in the afternoon the emphasis will be on the Visual Arts, Music, Foreign Language, and Personal, Social and Physical Education.




While Omololu International School follows the Anguilla national curriculum, please know that we are a private institution and that, while closely aligned, our yearly calendar does not line up exactly with the yearly calendar of the government schools. Below please find a copy of our 2014-15 Academic Calendar. This calendar is also posted on the school's website.

Omololu International School has organized its school year in three terms.

  • 1st Term:  5 September 2016- 9 December 2016
  • 2nd Term: 3 January 2017 - 7 April 2017
  • 3rd Term: 18 April - 7 July


OIS uses an on-line calendar to schedule and post events throughout the academic year via our web-site, the web-based calendar lists activities, important dates and upcoming events.